Gen 2 mint full details edition. Let's get amongst it, Employees. GROPPA.

My my my, what a state of affairs! As my lovely Employees are well aware, the Gen 2 mint has been delayed until the TWELTH of MAY, TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY TWO.

Normally The Most Esteemed starts his Company Reports with a cheeky preamble but this time let’s keep our eyes on the prize. Gen 2 mint is just around the proverbial “corner” as the youth say.



Time: 5:55 pm GMT 12th May 2022

Mint Price: 0.88 ETH

NFTs Available: 1,111 (one thousand one hundred and eleven)

Whitelist: No, minting is open to all

Mint will be on: Ethereum

Chain: Omnichain

Oh my groppa, the CEO cannot wait.


The CEO recently posted a tweet thread that outlines the value propositions of a Gen 2. He will summarize these musings below:

1. Utility


Gen 2 opens up a world of utility for NFTs by enabling dueling. This will be an OSRS-esque experience where duelers can choose moves to duke it out against other duelers. Each player will place a wage before the battle in a winner takes all face-off.

Away, foul beast!

2. Interoperability


The cool thing about dueling is that it is not limited to Gen 2’s. Any NFT project can be voted in by Gen 1 holders to be whitelisted and onboarded for dueling.

Azukis vs. Diamond Pepes?

Sami’s vs. Diamond Pepes?

The possibilities are truly endless.

3. Omnichain


Gen 2’s will be integrated into Layer Zero, meaning it is a native Omnichain NFT. This will allow them to move between different chains and vanquish duelers wherever they may reside. This also makes them compatible with market places such as OpenSea allowing accessibility to all users!

4. Free Pepezuki Airdop

Whilst our beloved Gen 2 artists have been hard at work, the much awaited Pepezuki collection has also been under development.

Every person that mints a Gen 2 will receive a FREE Pepezuki airdrop.


Mint 1 Gen 2? Get 1 free Pepezuki.

Mint 10 Gen 2’s? Get 10 free Pepezuki.

Pepezuki’s will be minting for 0.5 ETH each for 10,000 units. CEO is no mathematician but minting a Gen 2 seems to be simple trigonometry.

5. Aesthetics

And what self-respecting NFT would be complete without actually having some good art?


Pictured above are some of the CEO’s favorites.

Exhibit A: The Depths of Hell punisher for those rancid Sami Scum.

Exhibit B: Brains, brawn, and immaculate beauty. Ladies, please stay seated.

Exhibit C: The enigmatic NPC is ready to whoop some fine LADY’s (or man’s) ass with that candy cane.

Aesthetics? You got it.


With ‘Wen Gen 2” answered, the natural question to follow is “Wen dueling”.

As per usual, it is a true “heads down boobas up” moment at Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd., with our developers hard at work finalizing the duel contracts and creating a kick-ass website to boot.

We aim to have the UI completed 2-3 weeks after mint date so please do stay tuned.

“Oh m-m-m-mister C-C-CEO h-h-ow a-a-b-b-out a t-t-teaser”

I hear you ask. Have you silly people never heard of NDAs? Fortunately, neither has the CEO. A preliminary draft is shown below but be aware that it is still a work in progress (WIP to those business-inclined)




You want more, you say? Say less, Employees.

Once our duel function is online, the Company will be organizing 3 (three) incredible events that will showcase the power of Gen 2 dueling in all its righteous glory!

1. Celebrity Smackdown

You’ve seen those beautiful honoraries, but do they have it in them to smackdown against each other?

Or maybe you’ve seen other so-called grudges within the community where violence is the only possible solution…


A rambunctious nude mud wrestling fiasco between Bulma and Bitboyeenis?

Tztok-chad smiting Smol Ting with his rock-hard staff?

The esteemed CEO against that dastardly “Witheredcock”?

Cryptoricky’s long-awaited grudge match against the conniving O_Gosh?

The possibilities are truly endless!

2. Community Round Robin

Oh me, oh my, what’s better than vanquishing your opponents and taking home a big fat juicy pot of Ethereal Dollars to boot?

Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. will also be organizing a winner-takes-all tournament where you will be pitted against the most daring of community members.


The tournament will be designed as follows:

  1. The pot will be seeded with X ETH from Gen 2 mint revenue
  2. 0.5 ETH entry fee which will be added to the pot
  3. 16 participants (subject to community interest)
  4. Participants will be randomly matched and will face BO1 until there is a single winner
  5. The winner takes home the pot

X + 8 (Eight) Ethereal Dollars to the lucky winner? Initiate the training montage!

3. Dueling Leaderboards

What so-called vidya game would be complete without a leaderboard to showcase your epic skills? Beloved intern Tz is back at it again with another interesting twist.


That’s right, our most active duelers will get a healthy chunk of yield from our staked Gen 2 mint revenue.

Amount? Undisclosed, of course.

Regardless, let's be pumping those numbers up, Employees!


Office Space NFT collection done and dusted. As outlined in a recent Company, Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. recently airdropped a collection of finely crafted non-fungible tokens to those that failed transactions on the deplorable Otherside mint. Consider this a token of the Company’s never wavering generosity.

The airdrop? A single item from our limited edition Office Space NFT collection - example pictured below.


This collection will feature 6 common designs and 4 rare designs, with each showcasing a unique highly desirable region of office real estate where any Employee would feel at home.

Holders of these NFTs will also receive some cheeky little perks, including:

  1. Official Employee role on the Dopex Discord
  2. 20% off our future Pepezuki mint (0.5 ETH standard mint price)
  3. Incredible sex appeal

That Otherside mint was a truly sad order of affairs and Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. hopes that this airdrop makes your day a little bit better.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard this beautiful Company!


My my my what an action-packed week. We had Gen 2 mint details, a cheeky breakdown of future duel tournaments, as well as an airdrop to those poor attempted minters of the Otherside collection. This glorious Company is truly one of a kind.

The CEO will leave a very profound poem he chanced upon the other day:

“Gen 2 mint is on its way

Doce de Mayo – mark that day.

0.88 Ethereal Dollars,

Get in or live in eternal squalor.

Regarding whitelist, there is none,

All are welcome - everyone.”

By Edgar Allen Poe

Wow, Mr Poe, another timeless classic. Truly amazing.

Tournament details will be rolled out as they are finalized. Please stay tuned!

As always, a booba, a groppa, and a nueenis until next time, my beautiful Employees.

Yours faithfully,


CEO of Diamond Pepes



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