Holy shit. Apples are sick. Holy shit. New Employee of the Month. Holy shit. We killed the Batman

It is a beautiful Wednesday evening and the CEO finds himself tip-tappying away at his keyboard, updating his lovely beans on the happenings behind this beautiful Company.

This week, the CEO fends for himself in a real-life version of Survivor as his lovely mother is on a little family staycation on the Sunshine Coast with relatives from overseas. Will the CEO survive or will CEO’s mother return home to an unfed, unkempt, and otherwise unwashed shell of a man that was once the respectable and esteemed leader of this glorious Company?

Find out in the next few days in an all-gloves off adventure as one man (CEO) tries to pull through against all odds!

In other news, you may have found yourself wondering:

“Oh, that dastardly CEO, I haven’t seen that illegally attractive man around the Water Cooler as of late. What has that finely sculpted specimen been up to?”

Boy oh boy has the CEO been busy.

As mentioned in our previous Company Report, CEO had the privilege of going on a little tour of South East Asia to the beautiful country of Singapore. Whilst there, the CEO with his lady friend in tow got to savor such delicacies as Chicken Rice, Oyster Omelettes, and Singapore Chili Crab.

Most importantly, the CEO had the opportunity to (in person) view the Defence of the Ancients annual tournament known as “The International”, where the strongest teams around the globe battle it out in a multi-million dollar prize-pool competition. The energy was electric, the smell was indescribable (if he were to describe it, he would describe it as a mix of sweat and piss), and the game play was top notch.

Either way, the CEO is absolutely BACK IN BUSINESS and looking forward to running it all back with my precious beans.

On to the Administrative Updates!





For those that like to check the proverbial chain, you may have noticed that the circulating supply of Gen 2 Diamond Pepes has increased. This is because our dear developers have minted your long-awaited Pepes onto the so-called “block chain”.

The CEO is currently working to assign rarities in the most effective manner so do wait out for future updates.

In the meantime, please vote on which event you believe will occur first:

● Gen 2 pledges

● Orbital launch

● rDPX v2

● CEO passes away

Nu PFP Mint



What’s going on here?

Most intriguing… it does appear that the Nu PFP images have been completed by our darling so-called “0xMinistry” and are currently undergoing review by upper management.

Remember that Gen 2 minters will be allocated 1,111 minting positions so will all be eligible for their very own Nu PFP.

We will be allocating the remaining 555 spots to the public in a first come first serve minterino so LET’S PUMP THOSE NUMBERS UP!

Silly Sami’s

ATTN: Sami's




Employee of the Month

The CEO would like to bring his attention to perhaps one of our quietest yet most hardworking Employees. Lurking in the shadows only to pop out absolute bangers on the regular in #memes, we present the Employee of the Month (November) to none other than our dear Everfrost!


The CEO and the community appreciate all the memes you have created and are looking forward to your future masterpieces.

I love you.


For this section of the report CEO typically covers achievements from his beloved beans since the last report.

However, to give my readers the content they actually want, this time the CEO will lay out a full report on his review on 5 (five) different species of apple, comparing them on three primary qualities of AppearanceTexture, and Flavor.


The species and price per kg for each are listed below (note that CEO purchased all 5 (five) apples from Coles Supermarket):

1. Granny Smith Apple: $4.90/kg

2. Jazz Apple: $7.50/kg

3. Pink Lady Apple: $5.90/kg

4. Royal Gala Apple: $5.90/kg

5. Bravo Apple: $7.50/kg

Granny Smith Apple


Appearance: Renowned for its characteristic green skin color, the Granny Smith apple is sure to catch the eye of any apple-eating enthusiast.

Texture: Initial crunch factor is high with incredibly crisp flesh. Skin maintains integrity and must be chewed thoroughly. Should be noted for its exceptional juiciness, leaving the eater with the taste of delicious apple juice goodness in their mouths. Splendid!

Flavor: Sharp tones of tartness although sweet undertones will come through (does not balance it out fully). If you do not enjoy sour fruits I would recommend another apple although for sour aficionados like myself, definitely a fan favorite!

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

General Comments: Overall, the Granny Smith is a very “in-your-face” apple, owing to its vibrant coloration and unique flavor profile. It can definitely be on the tart side for those unaccustomed to sour fruit so if this is you do look elsewhere.

Jazz Apple


Appearance: Skin features both yellow and red with red being its predominant color, albeit with far softer tones of red than its other compatriots. The yellow segments do not blend fully with the red and rather feature as ‘patches’ on the Jazz Apple’s surface.

Texture: Low initial crunch factor. Flesh is not particularly crisp but leaves a smoother mouthfeel. Skin does not need to be chewed very thoroughly for it to be broken down.

Flavor: Akin to its softer tones of red, the sweetness of the Jazz Apple is also relatively mellow and has minimal tartness. Less juicy than a standard apple but excellent for the average apple connoisseur who wants a casual apple-eating experience.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10

General Comments: Odd looking apple with its blended coloration and height to width ratio. Nothing particularly note-worthy in its flavor profile but would recommend it as a casual snack.

Pink Lady Apple


Appearance: Similar to the Jazz Apple, the Pink Lady Apple is composed predominantly of yellow and red in a similar distribution. They can be distinguished by the off-yellow specks that begin close together at the base gradually getting increasingly diffuse as we approach the apple stem.

Texture: Crispy with low skin integrity. Excellent juiciness.

Flavor: The foretaste is slightly bland but is quickly overcome by exceptional sweetness. There are slight notes of tartness that may be noticed in the 4th or 5th bites.

Overall Rating: 9.0/10

General Comments: In my opinion Pink Lady Apples are what I think of when someone says “Apple”. Characteristics such as the crunch on bite, juiciness, and sweetness are second to none in the apples I had the privilege of trying during this report.

Royal Gala Apple


Appearance: The coloration is more consistent than the previous apples except the granny smith, and is predominantly composed of a dark hued red with very slight yellow patching.

Texture: Moderately crispy with low skin integrity. Moderate juiciness.

Flavor: An unimposing apple with moderate sweetness and very little tartness indeed. Overall it is an exceptional all-rounder apple for the everyday apple enthusiast

Overall Rating 8.5/10

General Comments: Texture and flavor aside, I think the most interesting part of the Royal Gala Apple is its appearance. The above photo does not do it justice but it is nearly identical to the appearance of an inverted dental crown.


Could this be where we got the name “Royal” from? Perhaps further research into this area is required.

Bravo Apple


Appearance: In terms of shape, the Bravo Apple is the most “perfect” apple; more spherical in shape and thicker center. It’s coloration is more consistent with a deep dark red spanning its entire surface except small sections of yellow.

Texture: Entry-level apple in terms of crispiness with low skin integrity. Juiciness is also on the low end.

Flavor: This apple was the most subtle of the bunch in terms of flavor, with a light sweetness on bite. Tartness was completely absent.

Overall Rating: 7.9/10

General Comments: This apple is undeniably beautiful with its deep red tones, distinct speckles, and rotund shape. However, its flavor does leave something to be desired. Given its flavor profile, perhaps this could make for a good cooking apple.

Taking all three qualities of Appearance, Texture, and Flavor into consideration, it is difficult to consider an apple other than the Pink Lady as the overall winner. When you think of an apple you want a robust flavour profile that tickles the spectrum of sweetness with a hint of tartness. It's delicate pinkish hue with yellow patches paints a picture of imperfection. To the CEO, this makes the Pink Lady a fruit that is relatable to us humans who with our flaws are just as sweet.

For individual categories, CEO has shortlisted the following winners:

Appearance: When we think of Sir Isaac Newton's monumental discovery of gravity as an apple falls on his head, the apple CEO tends to envision is one with a characteristic red and near-perfect roundness. To the CEO, the Bravo Apple's deep and pervasive red and rotund shape is exactly this.

Texture: This is more of a CEO preference rather than (perhaps) general consensus amongst his beloved readers - when CEO eats an apple he wants crispy, he wants to be crunching, and he wants the skin to have some durability. This makes the Granny Smith Apple his apple of choice in the texture category.

*Flavor: "**The darker the berry the sweet the juice" so the saying goes but in the case of apples perhaps this notion is inverted. The Pink Lady apple for its pale appearance is a cut above the rest, immersing the apple enjoyer in a full on flavor explosion of significant sweetness with just enough tartness to cut through it. Absolutely delicious.

If anyone has suggestions for future fruit or food reviews, please inform CEO in #water-cooler-talk of our Discord.


With Christmas well on its way and the year coming to an end, the CEO would like to wish all his Employees and other readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if another Company Report does not find its way to you before then. It has been a year of ups and downs and we truly appreciate all of you for making this community something so beautiful.

We continue building.We continue shitposting.We continue rugging.

That’s the Diamond Pepes way and there ain’t nothing that gonna change it.

As always, a booba, a groppa, and a nueenis until next time, my dear Employees.

Warm regards,


CEO of Diamond Pepes




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