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Dopex is proud to announce the upgrade to the protocol’s core product - the Single Staking Options Vault v3.. The vaults will be upgraded to v3 gradually - with ETH being the first asset to be launched on v3.

Below is the list of new features and changes:

Key Improvements:

  • Flexible expiries: Previously only a single expiry date (monthly) was available in a vault. Now a vault can be bootstrapped with additional expiry timeframes. So daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual expiries are now possible with a vault. The collateral in a vault will be unlocked whenever the shorter-term options expire so that it can be re-used against new, incoming trades.
  • Flexible deposits: Users will be able to deposit anytime during the epoch. Users will earn premiums and yield from the time of your deposit to the end of the epoch. This allows anyone to benefit from a surge of demand for options, or run automated strategies that want to constantly deposit and write options.
  • Tokenized deposits: Every deposit generates a unique ERC721 token. This token can be traded on a secondary market to exit the vault prior to the expiry. This new feature allows for more flexibility when depositing into the vault as now users can trade their vault positions.
  • The Halloween NFT boost: Users that boost the vault with the Halloween NFT will receive a boosted amount of yield of their posted collateral

Contract level improvements:

  • Standardized/generalized single contract for all vaults. All functions are generalized to handle any type of option (call or put) or any type of underlying token/asset. This improves our code security and helps us to ship newer underlying asset vaults even faster (yes, even faster!).
  • All new vaults built with V3 will now strictly use an ERC20 collateral token.

If you have any other questions you can always hop onto our Discord and one of our team members or community can help you further:

About Dopex

Dopex is a decentralized options protocol that aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers — all in a passive manner. Dopex uses option pools to allow anyone to earn a yield passively. Offering value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring fair and optimized option prices across all strike prices and expiries. This is thanks to our own innovative and state-of-the-art option pricing model that replicates volatility smiles.

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