This will be a special edition Company Report that goes in detail about what makes Gen 2 Diamond Pepes so special. Before that, let’s dive into the CEO’s life.

After an incredibly busy few weeks organizing the Gen 2 Mint, CEO has finally found a minute in his schedule to provide his musings since the last Company Report. Whilst the CEO has previously been relatively consistent with the timing of each Report’s release, he has found himself a smidgen uninspired as of late. With the hustle and bustle of Whitelist Comic creation, discussion of incentive systems for minters and future duelists, and partnership meetings with projects around the globe, it is a tough life being a CEO.

The Most Esteemed considers himself one of the luckiest people in the world. He is in a position where he can mold the future of Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd., plan marketing campaigns with the greatest CMO anyone could ask for, and be the figurehead of a community of the most rampant autists that have ever traversed not only this earth, but likely the entire universe. In saying this, creative burnout is a very real force that has affected CEO’s ability to push out content at a quality and consistency that he would like.

Creative burnout is an expected speed hump on the road to success. What separates winners from losers is the ability to use this speed hump as a ramp that boosts the trajectory of one’s own ambitions rather than a roadblock that stops their goals in their tracks. For those that follow CEO’s well-documented life on Twitter or Discord, they would have seen the big dog engaging in daily walks sometimes spanning up to 15,000 (fifteen thousand) steps. By removing himself from the confines of the office environment, honing both his body and his mind, and immersing himself in all the beauty the world has to offer; there are no roadblocks, there is no burnout, there is only the passion that drives him to be the greatest CEO there ever was and the greatest CEO there ever will be.

A healthy body is a healthy mind and with these two combined you will be unstoppable.

Employees, rise up and do a lil walkerino.


For those joining the CEO on their very first Company Report, we always start with a few Administrative Updates that detail what has been going on behind the scenes at Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd.

And what better thing to discuss than What the Devil is a Gen 2 Diamond Pepe?

Let’s take a look, shall we.


What’s the point of an NFT if it doesn’t look jaw-droppingly sexy?


If you’re asking for raw sex appeal don’t be surprised when The Company lays it on you all at once.

Every Gen 2 Diamond Pepe will be completely unique with different heads, clothing, backgrounds, skins and weapons.

Weapons, you ask? Why would a beautiful little nugget need a weapon?

Oh, my silly bean - don’t tell me you haven’t heard of dueling?


Perhaps the coolest part of Gen 2 is the dueling infrastructure that has been built around it. In short this will allow Gen 2 Holders to “duel” each other.


This is a simple commit-reveal game where players can fight each other by:

1. Selecting their Gen 2

2. Selecting 5 different moves

3. Wagering tokens

Whoever deals the most damage will claim both their opponent’s wager and the remnants of their dignity. Holders that want their victories immortalized can drop a line in the Discord and our art team consisting of the CEO, Nutoro, Chutoro, the Bossman, and The Most Esteemed will get cracking and make you a proper masterpiece.

The Gen 2 Mint will be carried out using a modified version of this Dueling UI - keep posted as we release our mint details next week!

For those that want to find out more, feel free to read:

● Dueling Mechanism Explainer:

● Duel UI Walkthrough:


Everyone loves a big bad buzzword and what bigger badder buzzword is there than so-called “interoperability”.


Intriguing. Thank you Mr. Google.

In the context of Gen 2 Diamond Pepes there are two aspects of interoperability that will be carefully integrated into its utility.

1. NFT Onboarding

You may have noticed that the above discussion circled around dueling between Gen 2 Diamond Pepes only. However, this is not the case.

For those familiar with our Gen 1 Diamond Pepes, they would be aware that they serve as the governance token for the Diamond Pepes Ecosystem. This will allow them to vote in new NFT collections to dueling which means your beautiful little nugget may be allowed to thwart Blueberries, Anata’s, Sami’s or what have you.


CEO’s Nu Grail, let’s get those votes in!

2. Omnichain

The original Gen 1 collection was Arbitrum native, which meant that it was limited to traversing the planes of TofuNFT, Stratos, and TreasureDAO. Whilst these are exceptional places to trade your beauties there is a whole world of the blockchain that they were restricted from visiting.

Gen 2 will be omnichain-compatible from launch via Layer Zero, which will allow anyone that has a Gen 2 to port between chains with ease.


OpenSea here we come!

Loot Boxes

Every whitelisted Gen 2 Minter will not only receive a premium Second Generation Sexy Duellable Diamond Pepe, they will also receive 1 (one) NFT that can be redeemed for high quality Diamond Pepes merchandise made in the depths of our dear CMO Bulmeenis’ wretched sweatshop.

Some of its contents have been leaked by our silly intern Tz and another tiny little leak may have occurred in the #secret-channel.


Interesting… very interesting.

Be warned, however - only the first 333 lootboxes will be redeemable for physical goods. If you want to get your clammy hands on some official Diamond Pepes merchandise (and perhaps some Bulma bathwater), get to dueling and redeeming WITH HASTE!

Priority Access to Future Nu NFT Projects




What did he mean by this?


This section of the Report is typically reserved for achievements of the beautiful Employees of this fine Company which are recorded in the #achievements channel of our Discord. The BEST achievement of each report will receive 1 (one) custom CEO-created GIF highlighting their conquest.

Please bask in the glory of our two previous award recipients:

1. Riumodenton with “her” 40k steps in one day


2. MisoSoup and his incredible work fixing up his car


This time around the CEO was too caught up with Gen 2 preparation and did not find time to create a high quality GIF for the greatest achievement. Instead, please enjoy this image of the CMO presenting the CEO with a well-deserved medal for his hard work.


God he’s (I’m) good.

If you want to be featured in our next report, please tell us what amazing things you have done in our #achievements channel!


With the Gen 2 Mint FINALLY coming together, CEO would like to express his gratitude to all the Employees and other lovely individuals that frequent the #water-cooler-talk that have all played a part in making Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. truly the greatest Company in the entire world.

Your unrivaled banter, commitment, and unbridled autism are truly the embodiment of all that makes this cryptographic currency space truly beautiful.

CEO looks forward to taking your hands as we build Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. (and by extension our lovely subsidiaries Dopex, Jones, Plutus, and the silly Sami’s) into an ecosystem to be feared.

Please stay tuned for our Mint Mechanic explainer to be dropped this week.

As always, a booba, a groppa, and a nueenis until next time, my beautiful Employees.

Best regards,



CEO of Diamond Pepes


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